vShield Manager Howto: Configure vShield Manager 5.x IP address

VMware’s vShield Manager is a virtual appliance which is required for vShield App, Edge and Endpoint. When you’re running vCloud Director you will also need the vShield Manager.

After you deployed the vShield Manager, you have to set the IP address of the manager. The only way to set the IP address is through the command line. Open the CLI of the vShield Manager by opening a console connection in the vSphere (web) Client:

manager login: admin
Password: default

Now you have to set the enable mode and enter the setup command:

manager> enable
Password: default
manager# setup

Now logout and you’re all set!

manager# exit

You can manage the vShield manager using the webinterface at https://IP-ADDRESS-OF-vSHIELD-MANAGER

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