How to use the “exclude list” in the NetApp SRA

In some cases you might want to exclude NFS volumes from VMware Site Recovery manager when using the NetApp SRA. Volumes that are part of vSphere but are not replicated to the recovery site can result in an error in SRM: Device ‘[/path/to/NFS_volume]‘ cannot be matched to a remote peer device.

You can exclude volumes from scanning by the SRA in the NetApp SRA configuration:

The include list let you specify which volumes will be part of SRM, leave the field blank to include all the volumes. Exclude volumes by entering the volume names in the volume exclude list.

Important: you have to enter the NetApp volume names without /vol/! This is important, otherwise the list will not work, so don’t enter your NFS vSphere volume names here. If you have two volumes you want to exclude, let’s say: /vol/exchange_volume1/ and /vol/app_volume1/, the exclude list would look like exchange_volume1,app_volume1.

Entering volumes in the exclude list will solve the Device ‘[/path/to/NFS_volume]‘ cannot be matched to a remote peer device error.

Additional information is available in this NetApp Community article.

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  • Mnazri

    Just to add the below requirements for NetApp NFS mounts;

    1. The hostname referenced in snapmirror.conf must match the actual hostname. If it does not (as in our case where the hostname is uppercase and in snapmirror.conf its lowercase), then SRA will have a problem discovering the array device.

    2. Ensure that snapmirror relationships are not in a transferring state. If there are, transfers need to complete to confirm that SRA is able to pair the devices

    3. Remove unneeded export statements for RO snapmirror destinations. Having these export statements may cause issues when attempting a Recovery operation in that the destination hosts may not be able to mount the volume due to the existing export statements. It’s best to remove these and to allow SRA to create them during the Recovery operation.


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