VMware SRM: Synchronize storage freezes at 90% (and continues after a long wait…)

During a recent Site Recovery Manager “test failover”, the pre-synchronization progress bar continued to 90% and then freezed:

Because SRM didn’t gave status updates anymore, I did a little investigation on the storage array. The storage array was still busy replicating the latest changes between the source and target volumes. Because SRM doesn’t know in advance how long the synchronization will take, it will just “guess” the duration of the pre synchronization and adust the progress bar to this guess. If the sync lasts longer, the progress bar will freeze at 90%. So most of the time, nothing to worry about…

Note: By default SRM will query an ongoing data synchronization every 30 seconds (by default) to report the status. This setting is adjustable in the SRM advanced settings, look for storage.querySyncStatusPollingInterval. You have to set this parameter per site.

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  • Kabeer

    We are working with a customer’s MirrorView/A + SRM + VNX deployment. To simplify operations, we want to avoid a full synchronization after failover. However, every time we do a failover the entire data set at the protected site is copied back to the original production site.

    We even did a test without SRM and verified that after going to synchronized state we can promote the consistency groups at the protected site and no full sync is needed. But with the SRM/SRA we cannot get the solution to do an incremental re-sync (not a full sync). It almost looks like the SRA with MV/A it is not possible to avoid a full sync.

    Can anyone tell me if SRM with MV/A is capable of a failover without a full sync? If it is, what do we need to do to make this happen?


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