Why is the vCO endpoint type not available in vCAC 6?

Note: The vCO endpoint is available in vCAC 6.0.1. which is available for download now! Upgrade to vCAC 6.0.1. to solve the issue described in this article.

vcac01I recently received a question about vCloud Automation Center 6.0: “Why is the vCO endpoint type not available in vCAC 6.0 when using a vCloud Suite license?”.

The vCO endpoint is required when you want to connect vCO workflows to one of the available stubs. A stub is place along a virtual machine lifecycle where you can make out calls to other systems, for example the vCenter Orchestrator, to launch custom actions. Although you will need the vCAC designer application to configure the stubs, you don’t need a designer license. There are various examples available on different blogs, check the vcacteam.info website for a simple example (5.2 based, but also usable in 6.0).

If you don’t configure the vCO endpoint, you cannot link vCO workflows to the stubs. So, why is the vCO endpoint not available? In this particular example this is because of the vCloud Suite license: the vCloud Suite license only allows vSphere and vCloud Director based endpoint…..so no vCO endpoints. Check this article about vCAC licensing: “vCAC licensing as part of the vCloud Suite“.

Let’s hope that VMware will change this behavior in a future update, I think a vCO endpoint should be part of the vCloud Suite based vCAC installation. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Also check this tweets by Willem van Engeland:

…and read the comment below by Magnus Andersson of vcdx56.com.

Note that you can use vCO in the Advanced Service Designer, this vCO instance/connection is licensed as part of the vCloud Suite.

For a full explanation on how to configure the vCO endpoint using vCO workflows, read this article by Magnus Andersson.

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