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    Hi Viktor,

    Thanks so much indeed for the post! I have a question about the licensing cost for vSOM. We just need to add the Capacity Management tool with our existing environment.

    We have 4 vCenters with 120 ESXi Standard & Enterprise hosts. The total CPU counts are 312 including all clustered and standalone hosts. My question is do we need to pay 312 x $825 for ‘VMWARE VSPH 5 STD W/OPS MGMT STD 1P
    Mfg#: VS5-STD-OSTD-UG-C’ + the SNS for 312 qty cpu @ $436. CDW has quoted the total for something in the range of $355K! I was wondering if there is an option to get vCOPS for unlimited CPU licensing for larger size environment.


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      Hi, vCops as part of vSOM is always licensed per CPU (socket). There’s also option to license it per VM/OSI (operating system instance). As far as I know there’s no vCops unlimited CPU licensing, you can think about an ELA – maybe this is interesting for your.company Please discuss with your AM! Best regards V.

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        Thanks so much for the clarification! Much Appreciated! I’ll look into the ELA.

        Best Regards


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