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    Bouke Groenescheij

    Nice article – thanks for sharing!

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    tom miller

    In the previous version 5.0 you could perform a re-sync only if you did NOT resize the disk. Do you know if you can resize disk and perform a sync with v 5.01?

  3. 3

    Neil R. Sherman

    I performed a conversion of a physical server, mx38. Destination is named mx38-p2v. No synchronization was selected. p2v finished. if I right click the finished job, there is an option to syhchronize, but it is greyed out. Created new job, same source, named destination mx38-p2v-new. At final screen, I see where I can either select a “final” synchronization, or “schedule” a synchronization, but no where can I find where t set up “additionalsynchronizations”, as you mention in the article above. Can you help me figure that part out?

    Thanks Sincerely,

    Neil R. Sherman

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    You can right click a running job and the click the “synchronize” option to get the P2V in sync. As long you’re not choosing to do a final synchronization, you can resync again and again…

  5. 5

    Roy Griffiths

    For me “Perform Final Synchronization” is ticked AND greyed out – I cannot stop it from doing the final sync. But I want to schedule nightly syncs – I’ve read and paid attention to the warnings not to resize FAT volumes / shrink NTFS volumes or change cluster size, but it seems to ignore me, regardless of other settings I try. How can I “un-grey” the “Schedule” and “Perform Final Synchronization” options?

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    The option for “Perform Final Synchronization” is greyed out because you are probably using Workstation, Fusion or an older version ESX as a destination. The destination VM should be ESX 4.0 and greater for this option to be be available for selection

  7. 7

    Suleman Khalil

    This is not workable on linux machines.

    Please advice.

    1. 7.1


      Install Windows 😉

      (It’s a Windows only feature)

  8. 8

    Mike M.

    Great little tidbit of information. Quick question though (and I realize that it completely depends on utilization since initial p2v was started): Assuming there would be a small number of changes, would this process complete rather quickly (as compared to the initial conversion?)

  9. 9

    Sachin G

    I have converted from XEN to VMware with the VMware converter.
    I have not selected the final sync but powered on the VM in Vmware and made some changes.
    Is it possible to resync the from source.
    Im unable to do it as its getting failed at 1%.

  10. 10

    Arthur Agustin

    Hi, I am using Esxi 5.5. When I am doing the convertion wizard in the summary part the Syncronization tab does not exist, can it be the Esxi version that I am using?



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