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    Gabrie van Zanten

    Too bad Oracle doesn’t allow comments on their site, posted a question but never appeared. In their blogpost the author mentions a vSphere Cluster, but there is no mention of a VMware Cluster in the PDF he refers to, only server. The big difference is that according to the PDF you could license a 2 vCPU VM on a 4 CPU host in a 5 host cluster with just 4 licenses (all CPUs on the server). According to the author however you would have to license 20 CPUs which are all the CPUs the VM could run on in the DRS cluster. I am affraid is the last one…..

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    What I understand is: “you [only] have to license all processors where the Oracle programs are installed and/or running on”. So, you only have to license the ESXi servers where your Oracle application/DB is running on. If you have enabled DRS groups which limits the options, you only have to license the selected ESXi servers.

    When Oracle performs a license audit, they will check on which CPU’s your application has run on (this is recorded in the software as far as I understood). This determines how much licenses you need/should have. This was told by people that know what they are talking about. Still in doubt? Contact Daniel or otherwise Jan Willem of VMware. At the end it’s the customers choice what to do…

    One other thing: Some customers choose to configure a seperate cluster, especially for the Oracle solution/VMs. This can be beneficial, e.g. if you have octa-core in your normal cluster and only need quad core for the Oracle applications (this will reduce license costs). But is this a sufficient boundary if you can still vMotion from one cluster to the other? What is the difference with using DRS groups? Because it’s manual it’s no problem? Well, I can change the DRS automation setting to manual for the Oracle VMs and I’ve created exact the samen configuration. So maybe I have to create a separate vCenter Server for the Oracle servers…that’s one step too far I think :S


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