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    Craig Kilborn

    Great article. I have spent many an hour designing stretched VLAN’s for SRM. As a general rule we have Primary Subnet A and DR Subnet B.

    The Primary Subnet A is stretched across sites so that when any VM’s power up they are on the same IP Address schema including default gateway. However we do not replicate any AD DC’s.

    Instead in the DR Subnet we have a AD DC (non FSMO) but a Global Catalog which is live all of the time. We have found this is the most flexible model, as it gives you the most choices in the event of DR e.g you can login and seize FSMO roles if required, removing meta data.

    The main thing that we always do to control everything is to disable the intersite link on the Layer2/3 switches.

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      Sounds interesting…regarding disabling the ISL…you’re probably pointing at split scenarios, which are not discussed in this article (can be another good post).

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    Ben Meadowcroft

    Interesting article. Do you think you could automate the reassignment of roles as part of the recovery plan?

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      Yes, I think you can…although I haven’t tried it. On this website:


      you will find some powershell scripts which will reassign Operations Masters roles. SRM will let you start a batch script as part of a recovery plan…so just let this batch file start the powershell script and you’re done.

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    Curious. I am cloning 2 DC’s (root + child domain) to bring up in test network (large test). Domain has many child domains (global company). When the DC’s are brought on line in segmented DR network, they are extremely sluggish and sometimes unresponsive. Assuming this is in response to DC’s having no communication with outside DC’s. I need these to function for authentication and DNS in order to conduct a lengthy test process (3+ days). For the record, 2008 R2 DC’s. Thoughts? The DC process should be straightforward (seize FSMO, change IP to SR subnet, register DNS, etc).


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