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    Peter van de Bree

    Hi Victor.

    Great post! I was reading your post and I have some comment.

    The Core Infrastructure Server Enterprise Suite is no longer available, only current license agreements will be respected, until they are renewed. Standard and Datacenter will continue.

    Microsoft does not have a fully transparent license program for the cloud, this is because it’s license program is (still) originally based on the traditional physical licenses. If you want to re-use/redeploy your current Core Infrastructure Server Standard Suite on a virtual (cloud) environment, the best thing you can do is contact your Partner or Microsoft Account representative. The situation for your infrastructure can be different for each purpose or need.

    I followed a License program course given by Microsoft, I had many questions regarding this subject, many are answered, but some answers gave me more questions. Next week I will follow the advanced training. I will hope this will bring me the answers for the many questions I have and my new customers will probably have.

    But this subject is very topical at the moment. I want to offer my customers a complete design which includes the necessary licenses. Main priority will be to redeploying the existing licenses.

    First identify which cloud solution fits the best to your needs and requirements. As you rightly rightly point out, will indicate the necessary licensing model.

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    Hi Peter! Thanks for your comment and the additional information. Although a lot is possible from a technical perspective, there are some serious licensing issues regarding hybrid/public cloud scenarios. I hope they will sorted out in the future, but that’s not where we stand today. I hope things will accelerate because new IaaS cloud initiatives, including Microsoft own Azure IAAS offering.

    If you have any additional information you would like to share, please feel free to leave additional comments!

    Best regards – Viktor


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