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    Dan Cohen

    Awesome post, very helpful

    btw, how can you change the existing disk properties(disk id 0)?

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      Dan Cohen

      Oh, disregard my last comment.
      I missed that part

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    Hello…..Thanks, I think this is just what we need but being absolutely new to vRA, can you please point me on raeding material to learn how to :

    In vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) you can find the workflow “Request a catalog item with provisioning request” template, that can be used to build a XaaS blueprint/ASD request. Although I will not go into detail how to build such a request, we will have a look at the JavaScript code that works behind the scenes, I’ve added some comments to explain how this example works.

    The exact problem is that the user will specify a size for the database, and then the flow will have to do some calculations to determine the disk size based on that. Your post explains how to add the disk into the json object, but my quesitons are 1) how to get that databasize size from the blueprint pulled in and 2) how to actually hook up that workflow to the XaaS blueprint.


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