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    Hi Viktor , nice article . Do you know if the SRM side ( or any other vSphere tool ) can help me replicate the actual RDM’s in physical mode ? Not just the symbolic / pointer record on the VMFS , the actual pass-through disk lun. Planning to make a new DR site , and we have V7000 IBM storage , that supports array based Metro mirror . We have many Microsoft clusters in a Quorum based configuration on esxi5.1u1 ., but currently no SRM .

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      Hi Alemro! Good question. Both physical and virtual RDMs are supported in a SRM configuration (http://www.viktorious.nl/2013/07/08/comparing-disaster-recovery/).

      I’ve also learned that:
      “You can run a cluster of MSCS virtual machines in the following possible configurations.
      Cluster-in-a-box: The MSCS virtual machines in the cluster run on a single ESXi Server. You can have a maximum of two MSCS virtual machines in the cluster.
      Cluster-across-boxes: You can spread the MSCS cluster across a maximum of two ESXi Server instances. You can protect only one virtual machine node of any MSCS cluster on a single ESXi Server instance. You can have multiple MSCS node virtual machines running on an ESXi host, as long as they do not participate in the same MSCS cluster. When running MSCS in a cluster-across-boxes configuration, SRM only supports two-node MSCS clusters.”

      So yes, with some limitations this configuration is supported. Additional details here:


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