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    I installed esxi 5.1 (free) on N40L (8gb ecc ram + Bios mod) and samsung 830 SSD for system – very good performance 🙂

    But there is a problem – I can’t read out the Hardware Sensor with vsphere client ?!
    HHD Temp, Processor temp ? Board temp ? nothing

    are you able to see this ?
    any Tips ?



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    I am sorry, I have no tips and experience exactly the same issue. After all, the HP N36L/N40L hardware is not supported. I’ve tried to run ESXi using the HP ESXi ISO (a couple of months ago), but no success here unfortunately…

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    I am not able to get the upgrade on my N36L to work. Did you do anything inpartictular to get the upgrade to work? I’m trying to upgrade the 5.0 instance I have installed on the internal USB memory stick. When running the installer, after selecting the current disk (USB DRIVE) I get an error that “The selected storage device contains ESX(i). The version could not be determined. Only installation is possible.”

    Any ideas?


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    I have installed the HP ESXi 5.1 on my N36L. It was running HP ESXi 5.0. I burned the HP ISO to DVD and booted my HP Microserver from a USB DVD drive with the HP disc I burned. It recognized my previous ESXi install and allowed me to install/upgrade to ESX 5.1, the install asked if I wanted to keep my VMFS partitions or wipe them, I kept them since I wanted to keep my Virtual Machines on that storage. Everything is running fine and I do see all the sensor readouts.


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