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    I had the exact same issues on IBM iDataPlex dx360 M3 machines … on some of them the upgrade went succesfully through, on some I’ve got the “Cannot execute upgrade script on host” error and just like viktorious and I’ve followed his instructions and thus been able to upgrade all hosts to ESX 5.1. Thanks, viktorious!

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    Hi Marko! Great it solved your issue. Did you also ran into an old network configuration, or was this not a problem for you?

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    Works perfect for me. Thank a lot

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    Does not work for me. Had exactly the same problem, but there’s no state.XXXXX directory neither in /bootbank/ nor in /altbootbank/. Any solutions?

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    McFly: Does not work fo me too. But i’ve found an issue. I’ve copied


    on my computer and found this
    –> stderr: ——–
    –> Traceback (most recent call last):
    –> File “/tmp/vuaScript-d5WQfG/prep.py”, line 1283, in
    –> sys.exit(main(sys.argv))
    –> File “/tmp/vuaScript-d5WQfG/prep.py”, line 1279, in main
    –> prepareBootloader()
    –> File “/tmp/vuaScript-d5WQfG/prep.py”, line 1193, in prepareBootloader
    –> prepareEsxiBootloader()
    –> File “/tmp/vuaScript-d5WQfG/prep.py”, line 900, in prepareEsxiBootloader
    –> raise Exception(‘/altbootbank/boot.cfg has a higher “updated”‘
    –> Exception: /altbootbank/boot.cfg has a higher “updated” value than in /bootbank/boot.cfg.
    –> ——–

    Bingo! I don’t know what produced situation like this. But i’ve runned an “update” rather than “upgrade”. That repaired this situation. After I’ve restarted “upgrade” and it works like a charm.

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    Mikael Winther

    I had this issue too, but with no state.XXXXX directory in either /bootbank/ or /altbootbank/
    I got it to work by booting off the ESX 5.1 install CD, choosing the sdcard my installation was on, and choosing the upgrade option, and then the upgrade finished without further errors.
    Even the patch upgrade afterwards finished without error.

    Mikael Winther

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    I am performing an upgrade from v5.0 to v5.1 and have ran into this issue where I dont find state.xxxxx under /bootbank. However, as you suggested, I found the folder under /altbootbank. Now I can try moving the file one level up and then perform the upgrade however, you even mentioned about the network issue. Could you please elaborate on this ? As I may prepare myself for the same incase I fall under the same scenario.

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      Hmmm, good question. It’s always good idea to backup (write down?) the network configuration…just in case. Also take a look at the vicfg-cfgbackup command which might help: http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-51/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.vcli.ref.doc%2Fvicfg-cfgbackup.html

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        thanks for the prompt reply Viktor. I just moved the file one level up into /altbootbank folder and kick started with the upgrade. Upgrade completed and the ESX is now on v5.1 however, the remediation wasnt able to complete stating it couldnt reconnect the host coz of credential issue. So i entered the credentials and now the only problem I am facing is HA issue. The error I find is Cannot install the vCenter Agent service. 🙁

        If you could please help me with this ?


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    Hi. Wondering if anyone can help..with esx 5.1 can you schedule automatic or scheduled remediation of esx 5.1 patches after automatic download?


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