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    Hi Viktor,

    when I set CPU and/or Memory buffers in vCOps and have set to use HA configuration to reduce capacity (and HA is used), I can see that the capacity is reduced by the amount set for CPU/memory buffers in the planning view (Source:physical, aggregation:sum, perspective:capacity, unit:actual value).
    From my perspective, the buffers for CPU/Memory will still be used, even if HA is used. Or am I doing something wrong?

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    I’ve actually got this from the manual:
    “If HA is configured on the clusters in your virtual environment, selecting this option excludes the CPU and memory reserved per the HA settings when calculating capacity scores in vCenter Operations Manager”, but I haven’t tested this. I will try to test in a couple of days and post the results here!

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    Johannes Dreier

    Hi Viktor,

    I use since many years the CapacityIQ. There I get the value for “Usable Host Memory Consumed”
    Now with the Operation Manager I am not able to see this value. “Memory Demand” and “Memory Allocation” are not the same data.
    If the hosts memory consumed is 96%, ESX starts with swapping… –> this cause to slower performance.
    Because of that, our important value ist the host memory consumed.
    How do you handle this wit the OpsMgr without this value?

    Which sttings do you use for the section “3 Configure capacity and time”

    I look forward to your reply, thanks in advanced


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