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    Mike Laverick

    You might like to include PhD Technologies in this list – they recently acquired “VirtualSharp” a company based out of Spain. VirtualSharp is more “SRM” like than say Zerto – because at the time they developed their own plug-ins to speak to the array – like SRM’s “Site Recovery Adapter”…

    It’s not clear what PhD Techs intentions are – but VirtualSharp has recovery plans and such like – which made it more similar to SRM than perhaps the other technologies listed here…

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      Sounds like a good idea for a follow-up post (and some extra time in a lab environment 🙂

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    Ken Werneburg

    Very nice, finally a comparison that includes both VR and ABR as separate items! Quite a fair comparison. Might be worth revisiting a little later in the year… 🙂
    I did a paper about DR comparing SRM with vMSC, though the introduction of splitter tech since then has changed it a bit, maybe would be of use in your next article? http://bit.ly/GMkiBJ
    Ah… just saw you linked to it in your blog post on the topic. Never mind! 😉

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      Hi Ken! Thanks for the compliment. Looking forward to new developments in the DR focus area :).

      I know your whitepaper, it is very valuable. I had several discussions about vMSC versus SRM; sometimes vMSC is seen as the holy grail and people forget SRM. Depending on the business case both solutions have their pros and cons, so that should be evaluated. Build the business case, choose the best option…you know the story. Always a good subject for discussion :).

      Anyway, thanks for the comment!


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    Marco Broeken

    Great Comparison Viktor, I was planning to do such a comparison for some time now between Zerto, Veeam B&R and VirtualSharp but did not get around to it.

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    Good reading. Thank you!

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    Najib Abi Fadel


    Very nice article;

    it would be great if you can include also the bandwidth requirements for each used technology since this is a recurring cost. I believe some of the mentioned solutions have integrated WAN optimization techniques.

    Also what about the impact of high latency for each solution ?

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    Emin M. IMER

    Viktor, is it possible for you to update this chart, adding new features of the given products, and also adding new competitors (if there are any)?
    Best Regards,


    1. 6.1


      Hi Enim, which vendor would you like to be added?

      1. 6.1.1

        Emin M. IMER


        Thank you very much for your fast response.
        It would be nice to see updated/new features of the current ones, and adding, perhaps EMC RecoverPoint, Unitrends ReliableDR, CommVault Simpana, and any other solution which you would consider to include.
        Best Regards,


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    Great work, but I’d like to suggest to include CloudBacko (www.cloudbacko.com) that I started using early this year. Quite nice for ESXi free version VM level backup. Worth to take a look, and maybe include in your list if you like it. Cheers.

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    Luis M. Astudillo

    Why not add Symantec Veritas Cluster Server?

    1. 8.1


      I think this is more an OS level solution and not really virtualization focussed…


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