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    Antoine L.

    great post !

    I managed to do what I needed with that when I had ‘simple’ needs. Now I need to validate a field regarding other fields. So I cannot use regular expressions. I tried to use the custom validation process in VRO calling an action which will validate or not my field.

    It works like a charm on VRO but VRA seems to ignore that constraint. I can put whatever I want in the filed, VRA will allow me to click on submit without errors.

    I’d like to prevent the users to submit their requests when I know they won’t work.

    I’m using vCAC 6.1 and VCO 5.5.2, I hope you’ll have a magic trick for me.

    thanks !

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    Probably no magic trick here. Although I guess the vRO workflow generates an error at the end, after submitting? I think you cannot use interaction between input fields in the vRA forms in the current version…

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    the regex works great however is there a way to customize the error that is returned?


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