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    Hi Viktor

    I really thank you because thanks to this post, I finally have been able to understand some things; in particular how to integrate VXLAN with existing physical vlan infrastructure. Anyway I still have some doubts and I kindly ask you to spend some time giving to me a brief explanation:

    – You wrote that basically there are 3 options to integrate NSX with physical world:

    a) DLR bridge
    b) Connect a distributed port group to a port on the distributed logical router.
    c) Nsx Edge


    1) Googling, I found this step by step guide http://wahlnetwork.com/2014/11/17/working-nsx-layer-2-bridging/ explaining how to apply in practice some of your options but I don’t understand exactly to which one. Is first or second option?
    2) What is in your opinion the best option?
    3) In my environment usually we have switch ports configured in trunk mode with Distributed Virtual Switch and Port Groups VLANs. What is not clear to me about VXLAN if that ports should be placed in trunk or access mode.



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