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    Hi Viktor,
    Thanks for your great post. I see you made reference to vRealize Network Insight in your story but is seems to be missing in the overview table.

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      Thanks Niek voor de comment! Will update the article 🙂

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    Hi, Viktor. Thnx for post. It is very usefull info.
    But, do you know is it possible to integrate two VCF workload domains with different VCF licensese (One is Standard and another one is Basic). I need to merge Basic Edition nodes to workload domain with Standard license.
    More thnx for help.

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      Hi, you cannot mix VCF licenses in a WLD. You can use different VCF editions across a VCF deployment, but this is on a WLD level. I guess the approach would be something like: upgrade the basic licenses to standard, decommission the basic WLD and add the servers and workloads to the standard WLD. You can also use a “per server” approach here (remove one server, add it to the other WLD, move workloads, proceed with the next server). Please verify with your local VMware representatives to get an official statement.

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        Hi. Viktor
        Thank you very much!

        So, as I understood, NSX DC licese upgrade to Advanced Edition must help me fix it.

        Thanks a LOT


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