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    This is really a terrific post. Thank you for this. think where I get confused however is right at the end inside VCAC itself regarding service blueprints, custom resources, resource actions. In this case, were custom resource created so that VCAC keeps track somehow in items\inventory of what was done? Are those custom resources only available due to the WFA vCO plugin providing them? Also, are there any return values\notifications within the VCAC service area to let the customer know that it was completed?

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    Hi! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I was not able to create a custom resource, because a NetApp NFS datastore is not recognized as an object in vCO. The NetApp plugin doesn’t create any objects. Because I’m not able to create a custom resource, there will be no object in the vCAC portal after the datastore is created.

    The default vCO/WFA workflows don’t return any value. I was thinking to customize the workflow, return some kind of ID related to the datastore and create a custom resource based on this. Have to find some time for this, suggestions are always more than welcome!

    Also notice: vCAC will monitor the status of your vCO workflow; if the vCO workflow fails, vCAC will report this. A succesful completion of the vCO workflow will be reported in the vCAC interface as well.


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